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About the Drawing Board

The Drawing Board opened in August 2011, dedicated to getting artists and art students the materials they need, to supporting the arts in our community, and to encouraging folks to try making art for the first time. Now we are turning over our art supply business and Downtown Corvallis location to a new local business, Studio 262.

(pictured: a group of Linn Benton Community College art students, visiting on a field trip. The Drawing Board sponsored the Drawing Board Award for Excellent Drawing at LBCC's annual student show.)

Hours through June 23

OPEN Every Monday, 11:00am - 6:00pm. Or by appointment.

Reach us anytime by voicemail (541.224.3797) or email (mike@drawingboardweekly.com)


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Address: 425 SW Madison Ave. / Suite G / Corvallis, OR 97333

The Drawing Board is located inside the Starbucks building (Madison Plaza) in Downtown Corvallis. We're on the corner of Madison and 4th Street, just around the corner from Starbucks' front entrance. Our window faces the brick side of the historic Whiteside Theatre.

Studio 262 will be located in the same exact place, and open its doors in July 2014. Grand Opening Reception July 11, 6:00pm - 8:00pm. (details here)


Address: 425 SW Madison Ave. / Suite G / Corvallis, OR 97333
Phone: 541.224.3797
Email: mike@drawingboardweekly.com

The Drawing Board Story

The Drawing Board LLC was founded in Oregon on July 18, 2011. It is a one-man operation headed by new Corvallis resident Mike Wiener. The guiding philosophy is to Begin Where You Are. That is, with years of experience and almost zero capital.

In March of 2012, we moved down the hall into a larger space, with a studio in the back and big picture windows. We now rent the studio space to local artistis (currently Jennifer Lommers and Julia Lont). In July 2014, Jennifer Lommers will be taking over the whole storefront space, as well as our art supply business, under the banner of Studio 262, LLC.

Drawing Board LLC will continue as a freelance graphic design business. We have been providing graphic design services on the side of our art supply business since the beginning, and have worked on some major projects for local institutions, including The Majestic Theatre and Corvallis Fall Festival. (see our portfolio here)

The Drawing Board was really an experiment for a new kind of business model, evolving in a time of online discounters and big box stores: Full-Service Order Counter. Like the Sears/Roebuck counters of a past era, we listened to our customers to figure out exactly what they need, and then handled the ordering for them. We believe people still want to ask questions when they shop, and get knowlegeable, friendly service.

In addition to providing great service, The Drawing Board's mission was to encourage more art in the community. We sponsored a new mural in Downtown Corvallis (see below) and a monthly social art time called Drink & Draw, which grew to be a celebrated local event. In 2013, The Drawing Board won the Benton County Cultural Coalition's award for Business Contribution to Culture.

For more of our story, please check out this excellent interview with owner Mike Wiener about the ideas behind The Drawing Board, published by the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition.

Downtown Corvallis Mural Project

Mural Project: Corvallis

One of The Drawing Board's proudest contributions to the community is the new 400-square-foot mural in the center of Corvallis, painted in the summer of 2013 (with spraypaint) by local artist Ben Jay. Read more about the Mural Project.

Check out this front-page article in the Corvallis Gazette-Times.


Thank You and Farewell

It has been a pleasure serving the people of Corvallis, and helping people make more art. We are proud to have been an active part of the local business community, and we met a lot of great folks. Thank you for everything!