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Art Supplies by Special Order

The Drawing Board is a full-service order counter. We are here to get you exactly what you're looking for, at a competitive price. We believe in doing business person-to-person.

We provide a service

The Drawing Board orders your art supplies for you. If you are tired of a self-serve, big-box, robot-internet world, we'll order your art supplies for you. If you kinda-but-not-really know what you're looking for, we'll answer your questions and place the order. If you have a supply list for art class, we'll order the whole thing for you, so you don't have to run around town.

Then, the Drawing Board combines a week's worth of orders, so that we can offer every customer FREE SHIPPING. And we call you when your order arrives.

Order by Monday, pick up Next Monday

We combine everyone's orders each week, and place a large order at our primary warehouse in Reno, NV. This means your art supplies are in by the following Monday, if not sooner. (That's about twice as fast as ordering from the major online catalogs.)

The Drawing Board is open every Monday, so you can pick up your orders then. OR any time the front door is open while our resident artists are working inside, generally Tuesdays and Thursdays. OR we can set up a convenient pick-up time or an at-home delivery.

- Every Monday, 11:00am - 6:00pm @ The Drawing Board
- Anytime @ 541.224.3797

How to order

Come by The Drawing Board in Downtown Corvallis any Monday (hours/location). OR call anytime: 541.224.3797. We believe in doing business person-to-person, so we do not have a buy-online option. But you can browse our suppliers' catalogs below to get an idea of what we can get for you.


When you order art supplies at The Drawing Board, you never pay for shipping. Even if you order just one item! If you have ordered from the big online discounters, you know how much shipping charges add to your costs, like hidden fees.

Loyalty Discount up to 15% off

We offer a discount to our returning customers, to further compete with the big online discounters. Up to 15% off the list price for most items in our catalog. In many cases, ordering from the Drawing Board is cheaper than ordering online.

Competitive Offers on Large Orders

We want to keep your art supply business local! If you are buying a large volume of art supplies, please bring us your supply list before you order online. We will make a competitive offer.

Browse Our Catalogs

The Drawing Board orders from several wholesale warehouses. Some of them publish online catalogs you can look through and get ideas. (The prices listed are List Price) Please call us if you have any questions: 541.224.3797

We order (almost) every Monday from:
MacPherson's - general art supplies - warehouse in Reno, NV

We order as needed from these sources:
SLS Arts - general art supplies - warehouse in Las Vegas, NV
C2F - general art supplies - warehouse in Beaverton, OR
Alvin - general art supplies and drafting supplies - warehouse in Arlington, TX
Black Ink - fancy paper - warehouse in Springfield, IL
American Easel - wooden panels and easels - factory in Salem, OR